Monthly Archives: March 2017

Old friends /2

Two small updates on the Amiga restoration project.

First: it seems there’s no simple way to get a flatscreen TV to display an Amiga video output in color, so I got myself an A520 modulator from eBay. Not for the modulator part, of course, but for its ability to produce color composite output.

Second: my old friend Marcello let me borrow his A500. We were hoping it was still working (he hasn’t tried turning it on since 1998) and in that case I could use it to ADFize my floppies and if the mobos are compatible to swap chips with mine as a rough component tester. Well, turns out it’s not only in almost perfect working condition (only the FDD button is missing, but it turns on and boots from floppy disks) but almost identical to mine, being a rev. 6a mobo with Big Agnus (8372A). The keyboard is slightly different (LEDs are red for power and green floppy instead of green and yellow, and the floppy is clickier than mine), but it’s definitely the same sub model, albeit produced one year before.

I’m gonna run some tests this weekend.